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Winemaker crowdsourcing in Castlemaine

Crowdsourcing isn’t usually associated with the wine industry but it is exactly what three friends are doing with their new winemaking venture in Castlemaine. It’s all part of creating ‘liquid literature’. A fine arts graduate, a waiter and an ex-environmental consultant have come together to share their resources and knowledge in winemaking. “There is a lot of money involved in this industry and it’s pretty hard to do this independently, so for us, pooling our resources and working together has allowed us to get ahead a bit quicker,” said Tim Sproal.

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Winemaker in WA's south-west begins earliest harvest on record

Harvest has begun in vineyards across Western Australia’s Margaret River and Geographe regions, with one winemaker saying it is the earliest he has ever picked fruit. According to growers, grape yields are looking slightly below average this year, but quality is looking high. Colin Bell, from AHA Viticulture, said many were expecting an “exceptional” 2015 vintage for the Margaret River region. Harvest began last week for many wineries in the state’s south-west, with many growers reporting an early start.

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Winemaker finds crowdfunding to be a barrel of opportunity

There’s big money in Aussie winemaking, and Luke Jecks is taking full advantage of this new investment strategy. It may seem an ambitious way to fund a business, but crowdfunding now earns Sydney-based Naked Wines an impressive $20 million a year. Wine enthusiasts are loving the venture. In return for having $40 deducted from their bank accounts each month, these “angel” investors can buy wine for sometimes half the usual retail price through Naked Wines. The pool of money raised by the monthly contributions also funds independent winemakers to create wines the way they want to, with the resulting boutique drops sold through Naked Wines.

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Ghost Rock to create its first sparkling with the help of Jansz winemaker Natalie Fryar

Natalie Fryar completed school work experience with Hardys winery at age 13. At 15 she started making wine. Now, the former Jansz winemaker will work with the North-West’s largest winery Ghost Rock as it makes its first sparkling. “My real passion is Tasmanian sparkling wine. This is not just the best region is Australia, but it’s one of the best in the world,” she said. “The most exciting thing about the Tassie wine industry is that most of it isn’t planted yet.” As well as consulting for Ghost Rock, she will work on her own sparkling vintage.

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January Grapegrower & Winemaker magazine out now

The January 2015 issue of the Grapegrower & Winemaker magazine is out now – and is available online for all subscribers. Ann Killeen’s winning shot of Rutherglen Estate in Victoria features on the front cover, and the top ten pictures from the ADAMA/GW photo competition are included inside. This month, we discuss the latest in vineyard management; yeast and enzymes; laboratory equipment and bottling, labelling and packaging. We also feature a weather wrap up, discussing how the variable conditions throughout spring and early summer could impact on Vintage 2105.

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Associate Winemaker Ed Morris is moving through the ranks at The Rubin Family of Wines

I have the pleasure of working with Ed Morris [left] at The Rubin Family of Wines. This is the latest news: The Rubin Family of Wines is pleased to announce that Assistant Winemaker Ed Morris has been promoted to Associate Winemaker. Morris will continue to work in partnership with winemaker Joe Freeman, but at a […]

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Winemaker Toby Porter from d’Arenberg in McLaren Vale gives his drinks tips

Toby Porter is a winemaker at d’Arenberg in McLaren Vale, South Australia. He began working there in 2003 and has seen the winery’s portfolio grow from 30 to more than 60 wines. “One of the exciting aspects of making wine at d’Arenberg is that we get to play with more than 30 different varieties of grape. Amongst these are some fantastic European varietals such as Sagrantino, Tempranillo and Souzao. There are also some outstanding examples of Grenache out there — it’s a variety that people are coming back to as their knowledge about food matching improves.”

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Earlier grape harvest predicted by Barossa winemaker as grapes ripen sooner than usual

A South Australian winemaker is predicting his earliest harvest ever as his grapes are ripening weeks earlier than usual. Rick Burge, owner and director of Burge Family Wines in the Barossa, says moderate temperatures are needed for the rest of the vintage to maintain quality. He says veraison normally begins towards the end of January, but this year started around New Year’s Day.

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Winemaker David Lowe says low alcohol wines could pave way for healthier future

Winemaker David Lowe says the concerns about Australia’s binge-drinking culture are real, and aren’t going away, so there’s a role for quality winemakers in taking up the challenge and creating a new culture around drinking. Lowe, from Mudgee in New South Wales, says he is one of a group of winemakers who have received funding to commercialise low alcohol wine.

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Wine advice from Wolf Blass chief winemaker Chris Hatcher

All rules are made to be broken, but any wine and food combination must always be in balance without domination from either. Find wines you like and then experiment with different food styles to find the combinations you like. One wine rule that doesn’t apply in Australia is red wine should be served at room temperature — red wines should only be served at 18-20C.

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