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‘Drinkorexics’ losing weight by replacing food with glass of wine

Labels that display the calorie content of wine and spirits are encouraging women with eating disorders to cut back even more radically on food in what experts are calling “drinkorexia”. The disorder is causing particular concern because sufferers are swapping food calories for alcohol, which has no nutritional value. It also means drinking is taking place with an empty stomach, maximising alcohol’s effects. Adrienne Key, consultant psychiatrist and lead clinician for eating disorders at the Priory Hospital in Britain, said while ¬advertising calorie content was beneficial for most of the population, it was potentially harmful for those with eating problems.

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Weather favours wine

The uneven rain might not be ideal for the South Burnett’s cattle farmers, but for winemaker Simon Berry it has been perfect. The months of strong rain and periods of dry weather was just the right combination to give Mr Berry’s Kingsley Grove Estate one of the best vintages in the history of the winery. “I think it’s the best vintage since 2006,” Mr Berry said. Although picking for the current vintage is still going, Mr Berry said the varied weather was ideal for the winery. He explained that vineyards, unlike many other crops, benefited from the variety of weather to bring out the best grapes and give good yields. http://www.findawineryvictoria.com.au


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Vintage Wine news from Friuli

From Friuli with love… The benefits of having a wine blog is that it daily continues my wine education, beyond what I’m learning and writing about our clients. Clients pay me to keep up, so that keeping up has to do with information that will benefit them directly. Yes, social media is also moving that […]

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California’s bumper 2014 harvest means overstock on bulk wine, broker warns

California produced a “shed-load” of wine – 4 million tonnes – in the chronic drought conditions of 2014, which will lead to an inventory surplus, a top bulk broker has warned. The bumper harvest came on the back of two large vintages – and cheaper wines and their growers, will struggle to find a market, experts have said. “What will happen if they find some rain?” asked Daniel Murphy, of bulk wine broker Murphy Wine Company. “At 4.2 million tonnes, then you’ve got a problem.”

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Top US Wine Companies from WBM’s ~ My own Top 7 from this list

When I got into the wine business in early ’93, I knew (pretty much) nothing about wine. And so I worked it and studied it; and I expanded it, when I created the Petite Sirah wine grape advocacy group called PS I Love You. It’s through this group that I’ve learned firsthand about the following […]

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NZ wine goes head-to-head with Australia and England to celebrate the Cricket World Cup

The cricket pitch is not the only place New Zealand will be competing with the two sporting behemoths, Australia and England, during the upcoming Cricket World Cup. New Zealand wine is battling it out with Australian and English wine in a series of cricket-themed blind tastings this month to celebrate the start of the competition. To kick-off the celebrations, New Zealand sparkling wine will compete with English sparkling wine in the “Battle of the Bubbles” on 19 February in Wellington. 12 wines from each country will be tasted blind by two teams, each headed by one Wine Captain.

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Why you should be drinking organic wine

Once there was a time when people, both in the wine industry and the general consumer, would actively avoid organic wines, if they even knew they existed in the first place. But according to the most recent figures from the 2014 Australian Organic Market Report, organic wine is on the rise among wine lovers, accounting for 6.9 per cent of the total organic market in Australia, with organic grape production increasing by 120 per cent between 2011 and 2014.

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US fans raise their glasses to Kiwi wine

The United States is likely to become New Zealand’s leading wine destination this year. Although more litres were shipped to Britain last year, the US is tipped to soon overtake that amount. In terms of value, Australia is just ahead of the US, but that should also change this year. For the year ended November 2014, wine exports to the US were worth $348 million, to Australia $360m and Britain $332m. During the same period 53.9m litres were shipped to Britain, 51m litres to Australia and 50.7m litres to the US

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Importance of Wine Competitions

Wine Competitions… What is the importance of wine competitions? This is a frequently asked question by wineries just starting out, and their owners are stymied by the fees, the amount of competitions out there, and the ultimate value that competitions play in the wine business. Frankly, name any industry and you’ll find that they, too, […]

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Beer and spirits bosses go toe-to-toe against wine industry

Australia’s beer and spirits companies say wine companies aren’t paying their fair share of the $6 billion in alcohol taxes collected each year by the federal government. The wine industry is pleading special circumstances, arguing its 2500 companies shouldn’t be taxed more because it has one production cycle a year, following grape harvest in February and March. Intense lobbying is happening in ¬Canberra for favourable treatment in the May budget, creating angst between rival parts of the alcohol industry.

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