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More Riesling from the ground up

SOUTH AUSTRALIA: Following a Winestate award for Australia’s best Riesling last year, Port Augusta’s Boston Bay Wines has cleared one seventh of its vineyard to double Riesling output in two years. The former chardonnay vines, which were originally planted as Riesling in 1984, will return to their former glory. Boston Bay Wines’ Tony Ford said his father grafted the vines in to chardonnay vines but they retained the original Riesling roots. He said they were sawn off at the base and would regrow as full size riesling vines in two years.

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Riesling grapes at Port Lincoln lost to heat

A winery on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula has lost about 75 per cent of its award-winning Riesling crop due to hot weather. Tony Ford, from Boston Bay Wines in Port Lincoln, said one day which reached 46 degrees sucked all the moisture from the grapes. He said it was disappointing following a good 2014, when the winery won Australian and New Zealand Riesling of the Year. “We’ve got all these customers wanting to put it on wine lists and things and we were holding them off, and thank God we did, because we are going to be in very short supply of the Boston Bay fruit.”

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