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Can the Slow Food Movement Help the Global Poor? Ford is Betting On It

Mention “Slow Food” and it’s hard not to think of a more affluent crowd of foodies and hipsters who have the luxury to think in highly intentional ways about how and what they eat. In fact, though, that’s an unfair stereotype and this is a movement that, among other things, has long been working to help poor farmers and fishermen in developing countries do better by embracing Slow Food. Now Ford is getting behind Slow Food’s South American work in a bigger way, with a two-year, $454,000 grant late last year. The grant will support Slow Food’s capacity building efforts of promoting both food and economic security in poor rural and urban households in South America, Latin America, and Chile. The grant was awarded out of the foundation’s Expanding Livelihood Opportunities for Poor Households initiative, a subprogram of Ford’s larger Economic Fairness grantmaking program. READ MORE…

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2014 in Placemaking: A Quiet Movement Takes Root

2014 was a remarkable year for Placemaking, and as PPS prepares to enter its 40th year at the helm of this growing movement, we are energized and humbled by the incredible forward motion we helped to generate throughout the past year. In communities all over the world, we are seeing a new focus on Place Governance, as Placemaking has emerged as a way to address and bring together multiple causes—from transportation and local economies, to public health and sustainability. With Placemaking taking root in more and more communities worldwide, this year PPS watched, proudly and in awe, as many of the projects we helped to get off the ground began to take on a life of their own. Many of the projects that PPS helped to nurture in their visionary stages have indeed grown into spectacular places in 2014 …READ MORE

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