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FUN FRIDAY: This robot can improve wine production

It seems that robots are becoming more important in our daily lives, doing everything from reminding us of our appointments to vacuuming our carpets. Now, though, robots are helping us in another way: by assisting vineyard owners manage their wine production tasks. This robot, aptly called the VineRobot, comes with a set of sensors that allows it to measure important qualities in grapevines, such as vine development, water levels, production and composition of the grapes themselves. After collecting its data, it wirelessly sends it to the vineyard owner for further analysis.

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FUN FRIDAY: The ultimate wine and spirit lover's gift guide

Take the drudgery out of holiday shopping with our gift ideas recommended by stores around the world. Gift guides are a seasonal standby in the publishing trade, so it was always on the cards that we were going to leap enthusiastically onto the bandwagon along with everyone else. Rather than give you our ideas, we reached out to some of the world’s most exciting wine stores to come up with a few suggestions. What follows is what we can confidently describe as the best wish list for the wine (and spirit) lover in your life this year.

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FUN FRIDAY: Mercer’s wine-infused ice cream is the stuff dreams are made of

Based in Boonville, New York, Mercer’s offers six different wine-infused flavors, each containing an alcohol content of five per cent: Cherry Merlot, Chocolate Cabernet, Peach White Zinfandel, Port, Red Raspberry Chardonnay, and Riesling. According to their blog, they offered a spiced wine flavor once upon a time; alas, it appeared to have been a seasonal selection, as there was no evidence of its existence on Mercer’s website.

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