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All websites need Search Engine Optimisation but Winery websites need specialised SEO to avoid duplicate content issues. Previously I was a Project Manager and came to SEO as a professionally skilled consultant to optimise websites so that they become a profit centre in a business and not simply an expensive brochure.

Yealands Wine hires UBS for capital raising advice

Yealands Wine Group, New Zealand’s sixth-largest wine exporter, has hired investment bank UBS to advise on capital-raising options, including an initial public offering to expand its vineyard assets and grape supply. The company, which is majority owned by founder Peter Yealands, didn’t give a capital raising target. Yealands Wine was created in 2011 through the merger of Yealands Estate Wines and Ager Sectus Wine Estates.

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Wheely’s: The Franchise That Could Take Down The Starbucks

The smallest and the cheapest ecological café can be purchased for 3000$ and is equipped with everything to sell coffee, tea, soft drinks and pastry on any given location reachable by a bike. The creators developed a business model affordable to everyone with a small budget and a big wish to make a living out of selling fresh ecological coffee on a corner of their favorite street.“Wheely’s will offer the bike owners with all the advantages that has made franchise owners of super brands like McDonald’s so successful: A recognizable brand, design, marketing, social media presence and cheaper prices due to big volumes – but at a fraction of the cost.” …READ MORE

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New York Becomes Fertile Hub for Tours Entrepreneurship

“Foods of NY started as a small independent walking tour operator nearly 15 years ago. Today it sells more than 30,000 tickets a year”. As the peer-to-peer sector of the travel industry continues to grow, the tours and activities arm has struggled to take off in same manner as lodging and ground transportation.What is thriving is a smaller set of entrepreneurs who are building unique and creative tour businesses aimed at travelers and locals who want to experience a traditional destination or attraction in an nontraditional way …READ MORE

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Cities and regions of the world define the roadmap for 2015

During the Executive Bureau and the World Council meetings in Haikou, members of UCLG debated the key issues that will define the international global agenda for local and regional leaders in the coming year. Around 400 representatives of local and regional authorities and their partners from 49 countries came together on this occasion. The vital importance of political involvement from Mayors around the world was stressed, especially in developing the strategy and defining the roadmap for 2015. The Mayor of Haikou, Ni Qiang, further stressed the importance of this meeting that marks the 10th anniversary of the World Organization…READ MORE.

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Experts Set Agenda for Future of Creative Industries

The European Creative Industries Alliance (ECIA) is the platform on which these experts in the field of creative industries collaborate to set an agenda for innovation and growth. Experts from 12 European countries have joined forces to strengthen the future of the creative industries.  They presented a 10 step action plan to enable cross-sectoral collaboration and access to finance.  According to the experts, the creative industries also need to measure and raise awareness of their value as key driver of innovation and growth …READ MORE

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Tourism invests almost $1 million in locals

Almost $1 million will be invested in home-grown ideas from local entrepreneurs as part of the 2015 tourism mix, the Bermuda Tourism Authority said at the conclusion of its annual Tourism Experiences Investment process this weekend. There were 40 successful applications for 2015 in the categories of Sports, Arts and Culture, New Experiences or Marketing Support…READ MORE

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