Unmanned helicopter could revolutionise spraying vineyards in Marlborough

A super-drone could be the future of spraying seed and fertiliser across back country farms and boutique vineyards.
The Yamaha RMAX, unmanned helicopter or UAV, dwarfs your traditional helicopter but is bigger in size than a remote controlled toy.
Yamaha sky division UAV operator Greg Quinn put it through its paces in front of 30 intrigued farmers and vineyard operators at Omaka airfield, outside Blenheim on Friday.

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Parma welcomes 13 Creative Cities of Gastronomy to a sub-network meeting

On the occasion of Cibus 2016, the 18th International Food Exhibition, and the World Food Research and Innovation Forum to be held from 9 to 12 May, Parma will be hosting a sub-network meeting, welcoming 13 Creative Cities of Gastronomy. This will be a unique opportunity to enhance cooperation and joint initiatives between the Creative Cities of Gastronomy, as well as to foster synergies between the seven creative fiels covered by the Network. The 13 Creative Cities of Gastronomy of Bélem, Bergen, Burgos, Chengdu, Dénia, Gaziantep, Jeonju, Östersund, Phuket, Rasht, Shunde, Tsuruoka, Tucson, as well as the 4 Italian Creative Cities of Bologna (Music), Fabriano (Crafts and Folk Art), Roma (Film) and Torino (Design) are invited to attend the meeting.

This sub-network meeting will represent a key platform of dialogue to exchange experiences and perspectives between Creative Cities of a common creative field, notably through a working session. This meeting will give Parma the opportunity to present the city through a 360° experience building cross-cutting approaches between art, music and gastronomy. Besides Cibus and the World Food Forum, the delegations will be invited to visit the landmarks of the city’s vitaly in the field of Gastronomy, including Alma, the International School of Italian Cuisine located in the Royal Palace in Colorno, as well as the Academia Barilla.  For further information please visit


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New Zealand’s leading wine company welcomes new managing director

Constellation Brands New Zealand, the country’s leading wine exporter, is pleased to announce that Simon Towns will take the reins as President and Managing Director.
Mr Towns, an Auckland native, returns home to New Zealand after serving as Senior Vice President of Strategy and Development for Constellation in the US, and leading growth strategies for several food and beverage brands internationally.

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Wine competition heats up: Penfolds to the Philippine market

AFTER Spain, it is now Australia’s turn to seek a bigger share of the Philippine wine market, as it introduced Penfolds, one of its oldest wineries, in the country.
Penfolds Winemaking Ambassador Patrick Dowling said during its upscale launch in Makati City that they have to bring their iconic brand to the Philippines, because of a growing middle class that is fast understanding the finer points wine.

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Riverland’s top wine gems on the London stage

IT’S a long way from the red earth and flowing Murray of the Riverland wine region to the capital of the United Kingdom, but that’s where six selected wines from the often underrated corner of SA are starring this week at the London Wine Trade Fair.
Just three Australian regions from Australia’s 70 designated wine growing districts have been chosen as a focus in masterclasses at the fair which attracts major importers, independent retailers, hotel groups and top restaurants.

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Treasury Wine hopes big UK brand will blossom in Australia

Treasury Wine Estates will bypass big liquor store retailers Woolworths and Coles in the first phase of an Australian launch of powerhouse United Kingdom brand Blossom Hill to help reduce cannibalisation with its own bulging local portfolio of brands.
Treasury, the maker of Penfolds, Wolf Blass and Rosemount, is taking a punt that it can replicate the success of Blossom Hill, which is the No.1 selling white wine in the United Kingdom by both volume and value, and No.1 in the fast-growing rosé category. Blossom Hill is also the No.2 red wine brand in the UK market.

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New awards celebrate partnerships in wine

ENTRY IS NOW OPEN for the national ‘Wine Industry Impact Awards’. Hosted by Wine Industry Suppliers Australia (WISA), the awards are an evolution of the highly-successful ‘supplier of the year awards’ according to Matthew Moate, WISA executive officer.
“This new format will be far more industry inclusive, accessible and newsworthy allowing for greater participation and relevant outcomes,” Moate said.

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