Entries open for NSW Small Winemakers Show 2015

Entries are now open for NSW Small Winemakers Show 2015 with judging set to run from August 24 – 26 at the Forbes Youth & Community Centre. The event is exclusive to small NSW and ACT business that crush a maximum of 500 tonnes, therefore any winery that is wholly or part owned by a large wine producer will not be able to take part. Last year, the show attracted 615 entries from 101 small producers across the state, with 38 per cent of entries awarded a medal.

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Jordan homestays embrace sustainable tourism

“Jordan has established a new model for sustainable tourism in the Middle East,” says Nasr Al-Tamimi, acting director of Wild Jordan, a business unit attached to the country’s Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN). “Humans and nature interacting and profiting from each other: it’s a simple philosophy but, when it’s implemented successfully, it can make a huge difference.” The RSCN believes small-scale, managed tourism is the best way to protect Jordan’s delicate ecosystems. A stone’s throw from Orjan, the Ajloun Forest Reserve is one of its flagship projects, boasting a clutch of eco-friendly guest cabins and a network of trails winding between the trees. Revenue from the site is ploughed back into conservation. Read more…

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Around the Wine World in Eight Days – Turkey

Today is the first day of Around the Wine World in Eight Days. It seems fitting that we start where wine grape growing and winemaking all began, in the cradle of humanity ~ Turkey. It’s intriguing that where it began has very little exposure in the world. The focus for winemaking seems to have deep […]

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Strategic analysis of the next five years for the Australian wine sector

The immediate future of Australia’s $4.2 billion wine sector will be the subject of robust discussion when the country’s leading wine grapegrowers, winemakers, suppliers and marketers meet for a landmark three-day event in Adelaide in July. WineTech 2015, the nation’s flagship wine sector trade show, will address national and global influences on demand, capability and competitiveness in a sector that is vitally important to the economy and jobs in agriculture, tourism and hospitality.

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Green Travel Trends For 2015

Harvard’s International Sustainable Tourism Initiative estimates that the travel and tourism industry is closing in on 9% of global GDP. (That’s huge.) Travel is changing for the better. But travel and tourism are also changing as they grow. According to Sustainable Travel International, here are 3 key trends that are shaping travel and tourism in all its forms. Today’s socially conscious travelers aren’t just looking for the “hippest” destinations or new ways to “travel light.” They also want to (1) engage with the places they visit.Read more…

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