A Good Year is a Great Movie

IMAGE: LuxInteriorDesigns.com Website. LOCATION: Uncle Henry’s Chateau La Siroque is actually Chateau La Canorgue, which is set in the Provence region, Luberon, France. I loved this movie, because it’s written about our wine lifestyle, A Good Year (written by Peter Mayle and directed by Ridley Scott) has really struck me. It’s worth sharing, in case […]

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English wine sales rise

It wasn’t so long ago that anyone who asked for a glass of English wine in a restaurant would have been met with blank looks. But English wine is soaring in popularity, according to Waitrose, which has reported a 177 per cent increase in sales just this week. Rebecca Hull, the English and Welsh wine buyer for Waitrose, said: “The success of English wine is a culmination of dedication and effort from some talented winemakers across the country who have gradually built the reputation of our wines from the ground up.

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