TescoGate: Dan Jago to return to retailer following investigation

Dan Jago, who was suspended from his role as Tesco’s director of wine, spirits and beer at the height of the fallout from the £263 million (A$519m) shortfall in the retailer’s profits, is being reinstated and will return to the retailer in a new role on March 9. Jago was one of eight senior figures suspended by Tesco as it carried out a review under the management of its new chief executive, Dave Lewis. The profits blackhole is now the subject of both a police inquiry by the Serious Fraud Squad and it is being investigated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The Grocery Code Adjudicator is also looking into the trading behaviour at Tesco with its suppliers.

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Delegat posts 45% drop in first half profit despite rising sales

Delegat Group, New Zealand’s largest listed wine company, has posted a 45 per cent drop in first-half profit, mainly caused by a $10.7 million writedown of its vines and grapes and losses on derivative instruments used to limit its foreign currency exposure. Net profit was $9.77 million for the six months ending Dec. 31, which included fair value adjustments of $3.1 million for its vines, $7.5 million for its grapes, and $4.3 million for derivative instruments, the Auckland-based company said in a statement. that compared to a profit of $17.8 million a year earlier. Delegat confirmed record operating profit of $20.5 million, up 2 per cent from $20.2 million in the previous corresponding period, following a 4 per cent rise in global case sales to 1.13 million.

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Chip in to Tell the U.S. Congress: Don’t Undermine our Victory. Keep the Internet Open and Free – Sum of Us Campaign

In a historic victory of global importance, the US Government just passed rock solid rules to ensure the Internet stays open and free for generations to come. But even though we’ve won this crucial fight, we must stay vigilant. Big telecom corporations like Verizon and Comcast are already working with conservatives in the US Congress to try and undermine our win. We need to keep the pressure on in the coming months to make sure we don’t lose an inch of our progress. READ MORE…

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Pardonez moi in writing

Portia (1888) by Henry Woods… Portia is the heroine in William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. This is my wine publicist’s journal. In most journals, nothing written matters to anyone but the author… but this one is public. In a public one, everything matters to everyone. Portia: The quality of mercy is not strain’d, It […]

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